Unlimited Limited Atonement?!?!

4 point calvinism, Amyraldianism, Christmas Calvinist(noel(no L)), Unlimited Limited Atonement

These are all names for a theological system that holds to 4 of the 5 points of calvinism.

Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, [Limited Atonement], Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints.

They claim to object to Limited Atonement, however when you listen to some of their philosophical objections(they do have biblical objections as well), their philosophical objections usually revolve around the following idea in one way or another.

“Limited Atonement means that there can be some people who are repenting and believing and begging God for salvation who will not be forgiven by God.”

However this statement is opposed not to limited atonement, but to Unconditional Election. The objection is that there are certain people whom GOD HAS NOT CHOSEN. This is what they object to. If they believed this, then they wouldn’t have an issue with God not dying for the people whom he already didn’t choose.
Secondly there is an unspoken belief in this system that man can repent and believe without the Holy Spirit regenerating. They don’t believe man is incapable of repenting.

Come back later for a biblical examination of Limited Atonement according to the Book of Hebrews.


Race and The Elephant Room 2(found out today, Loritts did remove his comments, we thank him)

The most shocking aspect of the Elephant Room controversy was when Pastor Bryan Crawford Loritts, who is a black pastor, said the following about those who are opposed to what happened.

“the implicit message that is being sent is that the varsity section of the kingdom of heaven in 2012 is white, middle aged and Reformed.”

Pastor Loritts is completely out of line and should retract this statement.

Let’s consider one of the people who turned down his invitation to the Elephant room when he found out TD Jakes was attending.

What Pastor Voddie Baucham doesn’t realize is that he is a middle-aged white reformed guy.

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Unlike Arminianism and Calvinism, there is a third choice.

Where dispensationalism and covenant theology go wrong.

God has one purpose in redemptive history.(Eph. 1:8-12)
the church is God’s last institution on this earth.(Eph 3:21)
the church is The true Israel.(Ex. 19:6/Rev. 1:6, Heb. 12:22-23, Eph. 5:32/Rev. 21:2)
the future of the Jews and the future of the gentiles are one in the same.
(1 Cor. 12:13/Colossian 1:24, Heb. 11:40, Heb. 12:22-23/Rev. 21:10-11)

a Better Covenant(Heb. 7:22, 8:13),
a Better Mediator(Heb. 1:1-13:21),
a Better Sacrifice(Heb. 9:23, 12:24),
a Better Ministry(Heb. 8:6)
a Better Hope(Heb. 10:34, 11:16, 35, 40),
a Better Promise(Heb. 8:6)

(apologetic)Covenant Theology holds to the viewpoint that the biblical covenants are administrations or manifestations of one larger over-arching covenant of grace, of which the New Covenant is the clearest and fullest manifestation of. If the old covenants are manifestations of the same covenant of grace that the New Covenant is a manifestation of, then they are both essentially the same Covenant. If this then is the case then nothing in the New Covenant is ‘better’ than anything in the Old Covenants since they are both manifestations of the same covenant. This is why Covenant theology can’t explain how in the book of Hebrews the new covenant is said to be ‘better’ than the old covenant. It also explains why Covenant theology can’t reasonably explain Hebrews 8:8-9, 13.