While I have not participated more in the conversation, Ben has responded more and here it is.

  • David

    And with that I withdraw from this conversation because you are unwilling to engage it on an intellectual and evidence based examination but have defaulted to, it’s been tampered with, I know it has, because I know it has been,

    Ben, I just challenge you, do you live your life on this kind of reasoning in all other areas?

    lastly, i am going to post our conversation on my blog, first names only, because I find it very interesting.

  • Ben The kind of reasoning I live my life on is based on the guidance of our all good all loving creator.
  • Ben It has been this way from the very beginning of life. I have always had unconditional respect for others for as long as I can remember…age 2 before my parents began teaching me how to treat others.
  • Ben In this life you have to think way outside the box brother. We have been deceived in far more ways then we can imagine(including myself) Theres an entirely different way of life we can be living that is far more spiritually fulfilling(in connection with our spirit creator)
  • One last note I need to add to this. Aside from my brother passing 9.5 years ago to confirm to me the judgement stated in the bible is not true. I also had a near death episode after being in shock for 25-30 min with very little to no oxygen that entire time in 1995. The near death episode ALSO PROVED that the judgement stated in the bible is 100% false. Our UNCONDITONAL loving all peaceful creator would not take smeone who has never learned about him and just automatically go….no sorry you never knew me so your not going to be with me for eternity. That is the ULTIMATE highlight of Illuminati SMOKE AND MIRROS deception in their tampering with the bible. Like I said the bible holds a lot of truth as I stated above but that judgement belief is to a T Illuminati influenced occultish. I know what that is because I checked out the LDS mormon church and 2 other secret society organizations when I was living in Utah from ***** to ***** and the Illuminati Elite invented all secret societies and all religions in the 1st place. The guy in the video above was also 100% right when he stated all famous people of history were part of a secret society organization such as the masons, roscrucians(not 100% sure of my spelling with this word) etc.