In 3.5 months I will be moving across the country. This will mean I will have to find a new job, a new church, and a new home.

Thankfully it also means I will have a new Wife.

In many ways I will be given a new start at serving the Lord, and at the same time the things I am doing right now will decide in what ways I serve then. I will be a visitor at the churches out there and so will be taking on the role of a seat-warmer. I have had this role in the past, where you attend church and just keep living your life the best you can. I need to remind myself that this is an extremely important position in the church. Not everyone can be teachers and leaders, and if they were then there would be no one to learn or follow. If we were all seminary professors, there would be no one to take that message into the street, and into the workplace, and into the social gathering places- the restaurants, bowling alleys, etc.

Just as important as this I need to keep habits now that I hope to have then. I need to have faith that God will be with me all along the way when I am failing him, and when I am walking with him.

To the end that God might glorify himself in us, let us each strive to love one another, and love him, both when we are in public and alone, when we study his word, and strive to know him more.