This blog has only been up for a few days and hasn’t even had 10 views yet, however if in the future I have regular readers, or a congregation and I use this blog to share with them, I want to inform everyone that one of the teachers out there that I can say I have listened to enough times to say he is consistent, biblical, non-compromising, and trust-worthy is Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries.

I often find myself in thoelogical discussions saying, I was listening to James White and he says… and with good reason. Of all the bible-teachers in the public arena I only know of a handful who focus on accurate exegesis of a text over everything else. As a result his teaching is accurate, clearly communicated, and easy to internalize since he strives to show you what the passage says, by showing you how to read it for what it is.

I recommend his ministry to everyone interested in reformed theology(either from a positive viewpoint or a negative one) and everyone who is working in apologetic and evangelistic ministries.